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Let us help you to find your spot in paradise. We cover Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman for all your real estate needs. We are the Cayman real estate experts in selling and renting properties on the islands with more than 20 years’ experience on the islands.

Over the past 20 years the Cayman Islands real estate market has been thriving due to the countries climate, infrastructure, safety record, beautiful nature, amazing beaches and being tax free with no real estate taxes.

From the legendary beauty of 7 mile beach to the pristine lagoons surrounding the islands, Grand Cayman and its smaller sister islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman are truly magical.

Let our experienced team of professionals help you in your search to buy or rent real estate or help you sell your property.

Cayman Islands Real Estate FAQ

Are there any restrictions on foreigners buying real estate in the Cayman Islands?
Foreign buyers can hold up to 3 properties on their name and there are no restrictions on foreign individuals buying property in the Cayman Islands. There are no restrictions on the type of land that can be purchased (including waterfront).
A foreigner can also buy land thru a local or foreign company as long as this company is registered at the Cayman Islands registry.

How long does it take for legal conveyancing to be completed once a property is purchased?

Conveyancing (transferring ownership of property from one person to another) typically takes one month in the Cayman Islands. There are a number of real estate practices with individuals who specialize in real estate transactions.

How much does legal conveyancing cost?
Legal conveyancing fees are typically equal to one per cent of the value of the property.

On their any restrictions on buying land in the Cayman Islands?
There are no restrictions on buying land in the Cayman Islands including waterfront. Buyers have plenty of options on the Island to find qualified contractors and architects to help design and build their property. The Cayman Islands Planning Department uses the Miami-Dade County Building codes as we are located in an area which can have a hurricane.
In most areas there are no restrictions on the time required to build a property once the land has been purchased.

Is title insurance required in the Cayman Islands?
Title insurance is not required in the Cayman Islands because title to real estate is evidenced by registration at the Cayman Islands Land Registry.

What insurance is required to buy property in the Cayman Islands?
Property owners are required by banks to hold property insurance in the case of a mortgage on the property. This does not apply for non-mortgaged property but is highly recommended. Most property owners will also want to have content insurance for the Cayman property.

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